What is the Appeal of Brad Yates and Tapping?

June 2, 2020

Brad Yates is an internet influencer specializing in tapping, an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The technique instructs individuals to tap on meridian endpoints of the body such as the top of the head, eye brows, under eyes, side of eyes, chin, collar bone, and under the arms. While tapping, people recite specific phrases that target an emotion.  People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain.

Brad Yates started his tapping YouTube videos on July 19, 2007 and has received over 29 million views just in May 2020. He has posted 952 videos since inception. This post analyzes 1,000 of his most recent comments (as of May 29, 2020)–looking for what is the appeal of tapping with Brad Yates.

In general, 78.8% of commentators expressed thanks and general praise for his videos. Others have gone on to express exactly why they were grateful for his tapping. I categorized comments into Releasing/Surfacing of Thoughts and Emotions, Emotional Healing and Relief, and Tapping for Help.

Turning first to Releasing/Surfacing of Thought and Emotions, many people expressed that tapping helped to release blockages. One person said, “Your sessions have literally changed me for the better and cleansed out so much stuck energy and blockages. Thank you so much for providing this and contributed to me finding strength, love, wholeness and peace inside myself.” Another person said, “I have lost a total of 50 lbs and counting. I love EFT and would highly recommend for removing blocks and manifesting anything and everything you wish.” A third person said, “This healed a blockage I was barely aware of. I felt something release mid-way through tapping and I cried. I could feel my body tingling from head to toe with the new energy that was now flowing through me.”

Turning next to Emotional Healing and Relief, many people expressed a feeling of peace and healing after tapping. One person said, “I was way beyond sad and anxious. Thank you for this ‘peaceful easy feeling.'” Another said, “Your tapping videos have given me tremendous relief during such uncertain times.” Still another said, “Thanks for being a healing and correcting source in my life journey.”

Others expressed they turned to tapping for help. One person said, “I’ve used your videos to overcome the fear of public speaking.” Another person said, “I have an upcoming exam, I am using this as I study hard to succeed.” A third said, “I was directed to your presentations when I was struggling with a horrid breakup.”

Finally, commentators asked Brad to create specific videos and had recommendations for future topics. One woman asked for a video on idealizing people. Another asked for a video about putting oneself first. A third person asked for a session on not having enough time for work, kids, and yourself.

The appeal of Brad Yates and tapping falls into three categories. First, it provides a release from blockages and surfaces thoughts and emotions. Second, it offers relief and calm. Third, people turn to tapping for help with distress. The number of people turning to Brad Yates and tapping is on the rise.

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